Salomon RA Max Update #2

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So after the above happened, I was a little salty but received this email about a month after my response.

I have received your email and would like to thank you for taking the time to write  about your experience.
The most valuable information Salomon can receive from customers is feedback about how our products are performing in the field and how we can improve our customer service.  Hearing product experiences allow us to see what our consumers would like to see in our designs and areas where we can improve.
We would like you to know that your feedback has been reported to our product manager. Hopefully we will be able to improve our product line or offer a product which will better suit your needs in the future. 
In terms of customer service I apologize if the advice did not read well. In helping consumers the aim is always to arm customers with knowledge to help them choose the absolute best option tailored just  for them. In this case your product knowledge was underestimated and this was a mistake .
Again, we appreciate you taking the time to write to us and are always happy to receive feedback. If you have any questions or require additional help please directly reply to this email or give us a call. We will be more than happy to help in any way that we can.

Since there was nothing in their line to replace the Max with I stopped following the shoe line until I saw a couple new updates including the new Predict RA and I reached out to them about the heel cup (not wanting to have a repeat of my admonishment for not researching my shoes and all) and then a few weeks later spotted the new RA MAX 2. I replaced the RA MAX with the 2 and they just arrived today and I’m happy to report that the new version has fixed the heel cup issue (the Sonic RA 2 DOES have the other style of heel cup though).

I’ll be taking these for some runs in the next couple of months and will be posting a review once I give them a proper run (post pregnancy).

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