Salomon Update

As an ultra runner who is constantly looking for “the shoe” I’ve gone through a ridiculous amount of money trying to find my sole mate. Sometimes, a shoe falls apart fast and it’s clearly a warranty issue (like the Salomon Sense Pro Max) and sometimes a shoe feels great but hates you (the Salomon RA Max). I had called Salomon to see if the issue I was having was related to how the shoe was built or if there was something off in my pair.

After a while, they passed it to warranty and then told me they would honor the warranty BUT:
Hello Brie,

Thank you for patiently waiting.

We have approved a warranty for these shoes.  Your new voucher is:
Going forward it may be beneficial to try on a wider range of shoes and sizes in store before placing your new order.  With these two warranties the issues started to appear 2 weeks into the shoe´s use.  This may indicate that the size , style or fit is not right for your foot´s morphology.  For example most of our running shoes have a higher heel backing built into the upper. (This provides a more secure fit but may be uncomfortable for some) .
If you would like to speak to an agent on the best model for you do not hesitate to call us here at Salomon customer service.

Have a great day!

My immediate response was:


I actually did call in to speak to customer service before ordering my replacement shoe. The problem with the Sense Pro was NOT the same. The ankle collar on the side actually fell apart. The other issue I had was that the tongue material was thinner on the top of the shoe and the laces would leave marks, which is because they changed the design from the Sense Pro. I have NEVER had issues with heel slipping in any other pair of Salomons that I have ever purchased. I have been a 8.5 in Salomon and a 9 in Altra and Newton and Topo. I started in the Missions (2 pairs) and have run in the same pair of Sense Pros in rotation for a few years now. I actually went into a local store to try a few different brands and found that any of the shoes that have removed the padding and just have a spot of cushion (much like the RA shoes) rub, b/c there is no way to lock the heel in for a secure fit. I’m training for a 100 miler in September and I go through a lot of shoes, but if you think it’s because I made a mistake in ordering (which after reading other reviews, calling in for guidance, and drawing from experience of what has been working for me for 3 years as an ultra runner), I’ll be happy to just donate these and move on to a new brand like HOKA ONE ONE. I easily spend thousands of dollars a year on running gear and races and I own my own blog and do reviews of the gear that I purchase. I currently have 10 pairs of trail shoes in rotation and 5 pairs of road shoes. I buy 90% of my gear online because as a stay at home, group fitness instructor, and ultra endurance athlete, I clearly have time to run to the shoe store every month and a half to rotate out my shoes. Had I bought the RA shoes at Running Warehouse, they would have been under their warranty period of time to trial the shoes and they would have just taken them back. My mistake was trying a different shoe after the Sense Pro Max’s exploded. I only called in, to let you know that the design on these shoes angles in toward the heels and rubs…a lot. I will not be needing the coupon code as I’m actually kind of insulted right now.

I really am insulted. I spent 2 days researching shoes before I decided to try a different shoe from the Sense Pro Max and I sometimes spend weeks before I purchase a hydration pack. I’m nothing if not diligent in my research and with a shoe like the RA line that angles in towards the ankle, it was not obvious until after a few miles what the issue was. I never asked for another warranty code, I just wanted to see if there was a way to make a shoe that I like work for me.  Rant over

They have 3 spots of cushion instead of a traditional heel collar that caused rubbing.
The heel also curves in towards the ankle.


  1. I just had the exact same issue with my new Salomon Sonic RA 2s, which are designed very similarly (if not exact) on the heal collar area. initial first run impressions were “these are awesome shoes”! 2nd run, my achilles heal was beading by the end of my run! Ouch!!! After speaking with customer service via email, they ultimately told me to file a warranty claim. Fingers crossed that they can help me out and I’ll consider getting the new Max 2s which have a much softer heal collar. On the downside, I actually got 2 pairs of the RA 2s (for my birthday) but the Salomon representative said that I could only claim the warranty on the used pair. They recommended that I try selling the new pair on Amazon. I guess that I could run in them until my achilles heal bleeds again and file a second warranty… fingers crossed that they accept at least one warranty claim.
    NOTE: I have nothing against the brand and love there products! I just hope that they understand what my issue is and can take care of me. On a side note, anyone want to buy some very nice Salomon Sonic RA 2s?


    • Try Poshmark or Mercari, I’ve sold gear on there before with success. That’s a bummer that they won’t let you exchange them. Salomon has a great warranty but they’re sometimes not the easiest to deal with regarding issues like this.


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