Ultra Boobs, Ultra Problems

As I near my countdown of having this niblet, I’ve been stalking various hydration packs because as a nursing mom, I’m going to need a bigger pack to fit the ladies. I saw the new Vapor Howe and despite not being a fan of the first version, I’m a total sucker for all things purple. I checked the sizing and…I am shit out of luck.ns4738-0420-xx_vaporhowe12l_majesty_front_2
First of all, pre-pregnancy I’m usually a US size 4-6 and a 34B bust. Which means I get most of my bras from Target’s Cat and Jack collection (yes I wear training bras, 7 dollars for the win). Per this chart, my pre-pregnancy size would make a LARGE and as a current 35 DDD, not even the XL would fit once my milk comes in (and it would barely fit now).  I’m still wearing some none maternity clothes in a size 8 or a US Medium so….um…not really inclusive sizing there guys.

Screen Shot 2019-02-26 at 9.38.28 AM
Guess I’ll be going with Salomon this season.

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