Trail Princess

I’m an admitted trail princess. Yeah, I’m going to get stinky and sweaty, but dammit, if I’m not going to look cute while I’m doing it (despite being a hot mess literally all the other times of the day). You already know I love Goodr, and Carson Footwear, and XOSKIN, but I’ll share a few of my other favorite things.

Running Skirts:
Sparkle Athletic and Lululemon

Sparkle Athletic skirts have no shorts under them, so they’re perfect if you have a pair of shorts that show sweat (aka I swear I didn’t just pee myself). I throw them on over leggings when I want to feel fancy or during a race when I want my family to spot me faster. They’re also awesome for peeing on course b/c they keep you covered when you drop trou to whizz on the foliage and they’re cheap enough that you can snag matching gaiters (more on that below).

I also love Lululemon skirts because they have the built in shorts with the grippies. I’m also really freaking cheap, so I’ve been buying up Lulu skirts on Poshmark as of late and am super happy with it so far since I can finally snag the skirts that came out before I discovered running skirts. If you want to try Poshmark, use BrieRitchey as a code and get a 5 dollar credit. My favorite styles are the Pace Rival, the Pace Rival 2, and the Pace Setter. I’ve worn these skirts for up to a 50K. Some have pockets in the back, some have media pockets on the leg too. I discovered Poshmark a couple of weeks ago and I’m sorry I’m not sorry.

I have a ton of gaiters, but my favorite ones are UltraGam on Etsy. She has the cutest prints and they’re easy to attach. I buy them for gifts all the time and I just ordered these for my next race. I’ve also lucked out and have found that sometimes she has the same fabric as Sparkle Athletic’s skirts so I have a Skull Print skirt and matching gaiters and headband (UltraGam also does sleeves and headbands). They’re super reasonably priced and I prefer the clasps on these to other brands that I’ve tried.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 8.24.20 AM
Flamingo Gaiters!

On trail, I’m usually a trucker hat or Buff headband kind of girl because I sweat like a Wildebeest (I don’t glisten, I melt), but if you love headbands, I swear by Sweaty Bands. I have a collection that I use for teaching classes and cross training and they stay put. I wear them a lot in my video reviews and I love their Diva bands, because they sparkle. I also have this amazing Unicorn one.  I
Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 9.12.48 AM.png

Happy shopping. 🙂

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