Carson Footwear Review

A few months ago, I stumbled upon Carson Footwear when I was looking for a 0 drop alternative to Altra since I seem to tear through those almost as fast as coffee (almost). I was really curious about the shoes being made in the USA, but I was a little hesitant to buy them online without trying them first, but after reading every review I could find,  I decided to roll the dice and ordered a pair of Iguana Racers.

While I liked the look of the Iguana Racers and thought they were comfortable, the fit wasn’t 100% for me right out of the box (I have a weird foot shape and the inner ridge just happened to hit my arch).  I had posted about the experience on a Ultra Training Board and I was pretty surprised to hear from the owner himself who told me they could make a modification to the sole itself.  They offered to replace them for me, but since I felt that my feet were the issue and not the shoes themselves, I decided to buy another pair I had my eye on, the pink Zombie Racers.

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 1.38.10 PM.png
Mmmmm Brains

I was smitten with these. While the shoes felt amazing, it took me a while to run in them on the trail because they were so pretty I didn’t want to get them muddy. Once I wore them TO the trail and changed into them after I muddied up my old shoes (they’re just so pretty). I didn’t need to worry though, these shoes actually clean up great and drain really well. I’ve since taken my Zombie Racers all the way up to 18 miles and find that the sole grips really well on rocks and bridges, plus they also sell  a rock plate insole if you need extra protection.

I loved them so much, that Carson Footwear was the first place I’ve ever applied to be an ambassador for because I really just loved them as a company and I puffy heart the shoes. Where else can you get a shoe customized for you and made in the USA?  Today, I received my third pair of Carson Footwear and they are gorgeous.

Wildflowers on my Wild Chalk Wall

As a group fitness instructor and ultra runner, I pretty much live in running shoes. I’ve taught Tabata, lifted weights, gone scootering with the kiddos (yup, I have my own hot pink scooter) and gone on muddy running adventures with my friends and I’ve found that I’ve reached for these shoes over my others. They never rub my bunions and actually hide them really well (I have pretty feet) they feel almost as good as slippers.  I do wear a more cushioned road shoe for long road runs, but I will run road on these to my local trail and I’ve worn them on the treadmill for an Orange Theory class.  They’re more of a minimalist shoe so it takes a little getting used to, but I highly recommend them.

Demonstrating the grippiness as my butt didn’t fall into the water.


If you’d like to give them a try, you can use iggy2019128Brie for 15% off your purchase.  I’m a proud Ambassador for Carson Footwear 🙂

About Carson Footwear:

Since 2013, Carson Footwear has made minimally-designed, lightweight (9.5 oz) running shoes  in the USA. Our shoes are built with a zero-drop, 10mm, polyurethane midsole/outsole with a light, flexible upper. We finish them off with a 5mm sockliner for ultimate comfort and added protection. All of our shoes are made to order by hand, with love, in beautiful Milwaukee, Oregon.

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