If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll notice that lately I’m touting XOSKIN as a brand ambassador. I only ambassador for companies that I truly believe in (Honey Stingers, Carson Footwear, and XOSKIN) and I’ve been delaying this review because I wanted to truly run my gear through the ringer.

XOSKIN is a made in the US company that makes some of the most amazing items.
From their site:

XOSKIN™ was born out of the necessity to develop better athletic wear through sophisticated construction and technologies to integrate the body into its sporting environment. Our designs follow the body’s contours providing ergonomic shaping with reduced friction and enhanced movement. The trailblazing science behind our RAPIDriCOPPER™ USPTO / EPO Patented seamless innovations are reinventing how fabric and engineered 3D knitted construction function together as a “Base Layer System”.


My current go to pieces are their sleeveless form fit tank, their short sleeve, and their socks (my current obsession). Thus far, I’ve taken my shirts through several races including Marine Corps Marathon as well as most of my long training runs and I’ve taken the socks through everything from Ragnar DC to Marine Corps Marathon. Pink socks make everything more magical.

XOSKIN Socks and my inability to figure out my new iPhone have brought you this majestic gif

I currently have in rotation one short sleeve, one tank, 3 compression socks, and one pair of crew socks and I wear them all the time. The short sleeve has been the ONLY short sleeve I haven’t had under arm chafe in and I adore the socks. I need to get around to ordering the long sleeve too, because I’m going through XOSKIN winter withdrawals and I’ve heard that the long sleeves are the jam. My teal tank has had some major abuse from my hydration packs and it’s held up much better than all of my tech shirts.

The best part is they don’t get stinky at all. I’ve had socks that have gone on a 20 miler, that have still smelled like detergent after they have dried. Usually, my gear post run smells like a dead Yetti. Anything not XOSKIN was banished to a ziplock bag during Ragnar DC (because stinky runners in a van) and the XOSKIN was the ONLY gear that didn’t make my eyes water after 2 days. This stuff is made to last.

If you would like to check them out go to http://www.xoskin.us/ and if you use the code coffeerunrepeat, you can score 20% off.


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