Gear Review: Goodr Sunglasses

For my first Mother’s Day, I was gifted a pair of custom Oakley’s with my kiddo’s nickname engraved on the lens. I wore them religiously during my runs until one day on trail, I reached for them and they were gone. Cue some ugly crying and frantic phone calls home until I found them about a mile from where I was. It was then I decided to find a pair of sunglasses that I wouldn’t be sad about beating up on trail.

Flamingos on a Booze Cruise go boldering

I stumbled onto Goodr on Amazon and ordered their pink shades with the most amazing color name ever “Flamingos on a Booze Cruise“. I wore those bad boys everywhere and even backed them on a Kickstarter to introduce more colors. Now I fear I may have an addiction. These shades do not bounce, they stay put on my head, they’re polarized and they have awesome names like “Donkey Goggles” and “Falkor’s Fever Dream” (which is next on my to buy list). They’re also really really durable. I’ve dropped them, taken them on trail, run into branches with my face, and the only casualty was one pair lost the little Goodr logo.  Oh and they’re cheap at $25 bucks a pop. They’re my go to active sunglasses and I will be adding more to my collection so I can match them to my outfits, because I’m that kind of obnoxious.

No I don’t have a gear problem, why do you ask?

Oh and I think I would be sad if I lost of pair of these, but unlike my custom Oakley’s they’d be MUCH easier to replace.


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