DIY Easy Accessible Pole Holders

While I don’t often use poles, sometimes the trail dictates that I need to bring them and my current favorite pack doesn’t have set pole holders. I’ve tried the rubber band trick that I used on my Salomon pack but didn’t love the look of that on my Mountain Hardwear packs (I have 5 and counting).

This one just arrived today 🙂

I bought these Molle clips from Amazon (I paid 8.99 for 10 of them) and a set of Lock Laces (any brand will do).


I attached the Molle clip to the back of my pack, but any looping on the rear should work.

I then ran the lace lacks through the loops on the back and up through the bottom of the clips. To attach the poles, I just run them under the bungees and use the loop for the Molle clip for the first pole and tighten the Lock Lace for the second.


They’re easily accessible without taking the pack off and you can use the lock laces to also store a jacket while carrying the poles. The best part is with a little practice, it’s easy to store them with the pack still on and you can tighten them without stopping.

If you tie the ends of the lock laces and don’t use the little end piece it comes with to cap it off, you can take this on and off your pack depending on your usage needs and it takes less than a minute to attach.  So if you have a pack that you love, but don’t puffy heart the pole system, this is a quick workaround since a lot of packs seem to have the little loops on the exterior.


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