Stupid %$#@ Rock

Yesterday, I was supposed to do an easy 2 hours on the trail. We set it up so that my family dropped me off at a trailhead and I was supposed to run 6 up to where they would be hiking and then hike it in with them. That was the plan. What ACTUALLY happened was the second I started to run the approach trail to the AT, the laws of gravity decided to make me their beyotch and I rolled my ankle HARD when the shoes I was wearing just completely lost their grip on the rock (Contagrip my ass Salomon). There was a pop, many swear words, and a very helpful couple that offered to help me back out to the car. I’m stubborn and had on my compression socks (XOSKIN saves the day again) and so I shuffled back to the car myself after calling my husband to come back and get my sorry ass. He made sure to take a selfie of us…you know for prosperity.

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The good news, it’s a sprain. The bad news, I had to take my name off the wait list for Miner’s Lady and I am missing several days of workouts. I don’t sit still well and I’m supposed to be off my foot for 3-4 days and it could be 2 weeks before I’m running again. (The urgent care doc gave me a bit of a look when I announced my intentions to do a 50K in 2 weeks).

This happened yesterday and since then I have:

-Stick on Mosaic tiled my kids’ bathroom mirrors while hopping on one foot.

-Attempted to workout with stretchy bands (that didn’t work well).

-Ice ice baby.

-Read a book.

-Drank a beer instead of taking a ibuprofen.

-Slept on the coach whimpering to myself b/c beer does not work as well as ibuprofen.

-Soaked in Epsom Salts

-Regretted not getting crutches because I was told to be off it 3-4 days and that seemed “easy”.

-Read another book.

-Made a new rule that every time I hobble to the bathroom to pee, I have to do 25 knee pushups before I sit on the couch.


-Gave up on trying to keep my dog off me and embraced my fuzzy little nurse.


-Facebook cried because all my friends are doing cool shit and I’m drinking coffee and have zero outlet for my squirrely angst.

-Cried because I’m worried I’m doomed about my 100 miler.

-Vowed to avenge my ankle by figuring out a method of shooting my offending shoes into space to be swallowed into the sun (I’m so bored).

-Vanilla Ice Ice Baby

So my fellow runners, what do you do when you’re sidelined? Hit me up with your favorite ways to combat the insanity when you can’t run (or cycle or even pee solo).

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