Yeti 100 DNS

A few months back, I blogged about my struggles of running after suffering a pregnancy loss. I was using Yeti 100 as a way to cope and was getting back into the grove of training again. Then, I sprained my ankle on trail in July. My coach redid my training plan around my recovery from that injury that took me out about a week which turns out was plenty of time for me to get knocked up again.  I got a positive test the day before we were heading out to camp for a 50K and so I called my OB and asked if I could still run it. I was told, maybe this time I should take it easier in my 1st trimester.  So, we volunteered at the race instead and at the end of August, I dropped Yeti.

I’m due in April and went from being too scared to run in the first weeks (power walking kept me sane) to starting to run again about 3 weeks ago. I’m still teaching group fit and am trying to keep some semblance of mileage throughout pregnancy as I plan on jumping back in with a few races next year. My goal race is a 12 hour looped course in September with the plan to nurse each loop and take as much time as I need with a goal of doing at least a 50K.

As for now, I’m still going to be doing gear reviews and writing about running (though the coffee consumption has been cut way down). One thing I will be writing about soon is the impossibility in finding decent running clothes. Currently, I’ve sized up from my usual and that was working fairly well. However, this is my second pregnancy this year and my 3rd kiddo so things tend to show a LOT easier (seriously that’s a baby, not donuts up in there). I keep trying to find decent maternity activewear and websites keep directing me to plus sizes. Um….yeah…not quite the same thing.  So plan on video reviews on activewear that actually functions for moms to be for the next couple months as I try to keep fit for the 2019 ultra season.

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