This Seemed Like A Great Idea Back in July

3 weeks.

3 weeks until I attempt my first 100K. A distance that seemed almost charming after I managed to pull a 50 miler out at a 24 hour event with just a 50K base. 62 miles? Sure why not, it’s barely a 1/2 marathon more, right? I can run a lot and eat all the cookies, it’s a great idea!

I’m telling you that current me would love to travel back in time, just so I can give past me a wedgie and tell her to not be a dumb ass.

This is my first year doing ultra distances and admittedly I went a little um….batshit? Normal people escalate. Normal people do a marathon after doing a half marathon. Normal people are shopping and baking the week before Christmas. Normal people have enough to contend with the holidays without adding in the stress of planning an ultra and Christmas and have I mentioned that my oldest daughter has a Christmas Day birthday?

I had a rough training run today where 23 miles felt like my ass had been handed to me. The thought of adding 39 more miles makes me cringe a bit and to say that I do not feel ready is an understatement. To say that I haven’t thought about withdrawing would be untrue. There is a damn good chance I will DNF the crap out of this event. However….there is a damn good chance it will suck, I will finish, and I will have a new adventure to tell.

Either way, consider my Christmas cookies (and birthday cake) earned.

**As I typed this, my tiny humans just came down with an early Christmas present for my race. A brand new headlamp. The decision is clear. Let’s do this!


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