I run with a Garmin Fenix 3 and had noticed after a run with my husband that it was measuring short against his 220 and short again on a trail run. Since it within the warranty period, I called Garmin to trouble shoot it. They needed me to clear some files on it to make sure that it wasn’t corrupt data and needed me to plug it into my computer. I have a franken-Mac. AKA a MacPro that is so old that Apple no longer supports it for software updates and probably at this point has very few of its original parts. My other computer is a Macbook that has a “T” key that is falling off, a non responsive track pad, and a fan that sounds like a weed wacker. Neither of these would work well enough to pull the files, so Garmin sent me the steps to have my husband try it when he was home with his computer.

Now…I used to LOVE Apple. I was a huge fan up until the past few years when we made the jump from iPhones to Android. Since then, I realized I’d much rather use my money on gear. I love my old silver MacPro and I think that the new ones look like coffee makers and besides, do you know how many pairs of shoes and races I can buy with what they ask for those things now? My husband keeps telling me that I’m going to have to upgrade and get a computer at some point but I’m a stubbornly clinging to my geriatric laptop that doesn’t even hold a charge anymore because my priorities have totally shifted.  I don’t want to drop 1K on a laptop when I could use that for running shoes and race fees (and Injinji socks and trucker hats and hydration packs and Sparkle Athletic skirts, and gaiters…..).

Once upon a time, I had one pair of running shoes. Now I have a plethora of running shoes in both road and trail versions. I have a serious shoe problem, but when I had to buy an outfit for an event, I literally dug out my shoes from high school prom and wore those because how often am I ever going to wear heels? Running shoes I wear all the time, but I wear heels um never.

*Sidebar…they may or may not have disintegrated on the inside mid event…who knew 1997 was pushing the envelope in vintage patent leather?

**Sidebar to the Sidebar…If you think 20 year old prom shoes are old, I still own and wear pajamas from middle school. MIDDLE SCHOOL.

It’s funny how your priorities shift. Yes, I do need a new computer. However, I have zero interest in actually buying one. However, I know that I will eventually cave in, but only because I need it to update my running GPS watch. Priorities.



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