Altra Escalante Follow Up

Well…I definitely got my money’s worth on these. Despite my initial fears that they were going to be too warm, they became my go to shoe. I wore them…a lot. They went on a combo road/trail race and made the fire roads feel almost smooth. They helped me win a 5K, the even went with me on a 41 mile training run because I got lost like a dumbass. So when I started to pronate, I immediately thought I needed a different shoe and I tried on the Torin 3.0 and the Intuition 4.0. The 3.0 was a hard pass, much too narrow and the toebox just isn’t the same as the 2.0 and I was lukewarm on the Intuition. I decided to see if my local store had (Metro Run & Walk, check them out they’re awesome) the Escalante in a different color. I tend to mix up my old and new shoes if they are the same color so I try to variate them. I was really excited by the purple and literally sighed with happiness when I put them on. So, unlike previous Altras that fell apart before the foam went, the Escalante will still look good even when the foam has gone flat. If you’re feeling lazy and want the video review, I’ve got you covered.

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