Camelbak Ultra Pro Hydration Vest Video Review

Update: I found the deal breaker on this vest for me and ended up returning it. I had posted that I had swapped out the mouth pieces to the longer straws and that was a game changer because it solved the problem with the bottles. It was but I still ended up switching back to my Orange Mud for the summer and my Salomon for trail because I preferred the Hydrapak bladder and I coudn’t get that to work with the bladder sleeve in this one.  When I took it out to try it again to see what I could do to increase capacity…the bottles kept trying to fall out, even with the tubes.  I realized that out of the handful of runs that I’ve taken it on, the bottles either fell out or almost fell out at least once or twice per run unless I had the pack on super tight and had no layers. REI is awesome though and took it back and I’m shopping on their site right now to find a plan B. The bottles canting out seem to be the issue here so it is probably a fit issue with my frame.

It took 3 hydration vests this week, but so far I’ve found a keeper. Check out the latest video review in my quest to find a shorter distance hydration pack that actually works. I filmed this bad boy just before heading out for a run and literally had my phone balanced on a colander…That’s how I rock it. Low tech baby.


    • It’s in rotation still and I really like it. I will have to do a few customizations on it to get it to work with my preferred bladder system (the Salomon 1.5L Hydrapak) and I’ll add in some straps to the bag for poles. I definitely like it more with the speed flask attachments on the bottles. This cut out having to fumble with the bottles as much.


  1. Omg just discovered your reviews and finally, someone who understands my obsession with hydration vests. So tell me dear brieritchey, how does one make aftermarket, non camelbak bladder fits the ultra pro? I’m in the market for one (or the newer Zephyr) but I think the hanging “loop” would only fit the T shaped hook on the Crux. Other brands like Hydrapak need a plastic tab or buckle to go through the top of the plastic closures. Thank you for all your packs and vest reviews!


    • Hmmm….I just picked up one of our older Camelbak’s with the loop and I think you may be able to sew a button on the end? If it’s thin enough to slide through the rail on a Hydrapak, you can use that as a plastic tab? Thanks for being a reader!


      • I see! I might be able to com up with something for the loop vs buckle situation. Thank you so much!


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