You Know You’re a Runner When

  1. You have “fancy” activewear that you can pass off as actual people clothes if you have to.
  2. You will willingly run very long distances but refused to drive anywhere farther than 5 miles because it is “too far”.
  3. You wear black nail polish not because you’re re-visiting your goth days but because it hides your toenails.
  4. You plan your social schedule around runs.
  5. You’ve ever gone on a run as a “date” with your significant other.
  6. You’ve ever had afore mentioned significant other swear not to run with you ever again because 3 miles turned into 6 because you got “lost”.
  7. You have more running shoes than actual shoes.
  8. You can’t seem to find jeans that fit right in the quads, but that doesn’t matter because you’re never going to wear them anyway.
  9. After a long run you could captain an eating team.
  10. You have distance stickers on your car.
  11. You may have a hydration pack or compression sock “problem”.
  12. You’ve experienced chaffing in places that polite people are afraid of. *For the uninitiated, after x amount of miles, EVERYTHING chafes.

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