Coffee, Run, Repeat

When I first started blogging, I had a little spot named The Random Crayon which was a collection of all the random that came from freelancing photography and graphic design and wrangling two tiny humans (and the fact that I would find crayons EVERYWHERE…and I still do for that matter).

When we moved to the Northern Va area, things evolved and changed and I went from freelancing to teaching group fitness as well as running.  I ran high school track and cross country for a season and never really thought of myself as a “runner” until we moved here and I discovered that not only is trail running pretty awesome, but other runners are a pretty fun group to be around. Enter the running group Moms Run This Town to whom I attribute to pushing me down the slippery slope of Ultra Running.


I’m now a gear addicted, coffee drinking, sarcastic (ok I was ALWAYS sarcastic), mom of two fun sized humans, one insane dog, a guinea pig,  and married to a very understanding husband who has seen me post 50 miler and still hasn’t run for the hills (I can outdistance him anyway).

So welcome and I apologize for anything I say at mile 45.


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