Ode To My Torin 2.0

Roses are Red, violets are blue.

It took many tries and I finally found “the shoe”.

We went through several pairs of mileage and bliss.

Then Version 2.5 came out and it was a miss.

Too narrow in the toes, the mesh was all wrong.

Would the long awaited 3.0 have me fixing my song?

What in the hell is this stupid toe strip?

Are we smoking some crack, this is not even close to legit.

3.5 came and there were now two versions.

One mesh (in my opinion a 1980s perversion).

I tried the knit whose back was like a high top.

C’mon Altra this nonsense has to stop.

So now I troll all the second hand stores.

Poshmark and eBay, Mercari and more.

I’ve tried Topo, and Solomon, and every Altra to date.

Someday I’ll find my perfect sole mate.


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