Why Trail Runners Make The Best Friends

  1. Someone is there to post bail money in case that trail you’re exploring really IS private property and not a secret trail…but it PROBABLY WAS just a trail…maybe.
  2. You have someone to look out for wayward hikers while you’re watering a tree. Unless they suck as a look out (ahem) and then you have someone to share in your laughter as you realized you just mooned another runner on trail.
  3. You need backup if you’re going to scream “PARKOUR” and jump off a rock…and fall on your ass. By backup, I mean someone to take a photo and then make sure you’re ok.
  4. The best conversations take place on trail. A long run on the trail with a friend gives you the kind of deep conversations you had at college…after 2am…when drunk off your ass.
  5. Swearing is fun when you can make up new curse words together. Shifucdamrock for instance.
  6. You might smell funny and be a total hot mess, but it’s totally cool because they stink too.
  7. It’s cheaper than therapy, unless you start to count all the hydration packs and shoes you have been buying. Ok, it’s probably best not to do that math.
  8. They are your witness for events like a bird shooting out of the ground so fast that you nearly pooped yourself and you can vouch for that time they were a total badass (dumbass) for climbing the middle of a waterfall (but we got a great photo). They also take your photo when you do something stupid, like a headstand, on a rock, in a stream.
  9. They’re reading this and not insulted that you called them a badass (dumbass). ❤
  10. It’s about the journey and not the distance (that elevation though).

A shout out to some of my amazing friends who I’ve shared trail time with (including my husband and partner in crime). Some of you are still near and some of you have moved away, but no matter what I’ve loved every minute (even if you were handing me my butt).

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  1. Agreed! Trail runners DO make the best friends. They have seen you at your worst and your best. Trail runners are unfailingly positive, because they feel good about themselves. My trail running friends are the best!

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