Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta Video Review

I’ve taken the Ultimate Direction Ultra Vesta (Jenny Vest) out for 3 runs and 35 miles. Ready for my honest opinion? Spoiler alert* Mine is already starting to wear.

Update: UD replaced the pack under warranty and I ran with it for a 29 mile training run and then a 6 and 5 mile run. The 29 mile ended with me shifting the straps as high as they would go as my ribs started to bruise and I thought it was just because I had the pack loaded up pretty good. I took it for a 6 mile with just a 1.5 liter bladder and it seemed ok, but when I took it back out the next day…boom rib bruising (this time in the front of my sternum). I think I gave it a fair try but am passing this one on.

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