Lululemon Smooth Stride Skirt Review

I apparently missed the heyday of the Lululemon running skirt, but I was a fan of the Pace Setter II and only managed to procure 5 before they changed to the Circuit Breaker and I started sulking and stalking to see if they came out with another skirt that I could actually run in. I tried the hot mess of a skirt they call the Lost in Pace first. It was comfy, but immediately the thin material crept up past the waist band and it became a bunchy clingy disaster and this was just trying it on. I’m not the only one apparently, because that skirt is now ranking as a solid 1 on their site.

When the brand new Smooth Stride popped up and they didn’t have it in store, I took a gamble and ordered it. Sigh…

Here’s the problem(s) with their latest incarnation. First of all…they took out the back zipper pocket. I NEED my back zipper pocket. The new skirt has a hole for the headphones to go through which is great in theory but in execution it leads to a slight lump in the fit of the skirt because the skirt material is too light to hide it.

The new leg gripes will grip two things. Jack and Squat. Sure they’re comfy, until you move and then they become bun huggers. The scalloped edges look terrible, there are loose threads, uneven lines and the seam of the skirt hangs past the hem line. The lack of hem also means it flies up rather easily as there is no structure to keep it down. This skirt is going back for sure and in the interim, I’m hunting down a new go to running skirt. This one is a hard pass.

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