You know you’re a distance/trail runner when

  1. You own more hydration packs than toenails. (This is legit people, I have 3 viable toenails right now).
  2. You go through more lube than an adult film star. (Dear TriSlide…I love you)
  3. You’ve nearly gotten poison ivy or thorns in a place you dare not mention in polite society because you were too much in a hurry during a race to properly scout out a tree. (True Story)
  4. You can eat actual food while running and no, a banana does not count.
  5. You read the previous line in your head, using the voice of a Minion (BANANAAAA).
  6. The back of your car looks a little like you’re doomsday prepping, but it’s just geared up so you can be prepared if you have to use your car as an impromptu aid station.
  7. You consider duck tape as one of the greatest inventions known to man kind.
  8. You know which trails don’t work with GPS and you have it figured out to the exact amount of variance because you run them so much.
  9. A vacation is any time you get to run new trails
  10.  Muddy shoes are a badge of honor.

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