Camelbak Ultra Pro Hydration Vest Video Review

Update: I found the deal breaker on this vest for me and ended up returning it. I had posted that I had swapped out the mouth pieces to the longer straws and that was a game changer because it solved the problem with the bottles. It was but I still ended up switching back to my Orange Mud for the summer and my Salomon for trail because I preferred the Hydrapak bladder and I coudn’t get that to work with the bladder sleeve in this one.  When I took it out to try it again to see what I could do to increase capacity…the bottles kept trying to fall out, even with the tubes.  I realized that out of the handful of runs that I’ve taken it on, the bottles either fell out or almost fell out at least once or twice per run unless I had the pack on super tight and had no layers. REI is awesome though and took it back and I’m shopping on their site right now to find a plan B. The bottles canting out seem to be the issue here so it is probably a fit issue with my frame.

It took 3 hydration vests this week, but so far I’ve found a keeper. Check out the latest video review in my quest to find a shorter distance hydration pack that actually works. I filmed this bad boy just before heading out for a run and literally had my phone balanced on a colander…That’s how I rock it. Low tech baby.


    • It’s in rotation still and I really like it. I will have to do a few customizations on it to get it to work with my preferred bladder system (the Salomon 1.5L Hydrapak) and I’ll add in some straps to the bag for poles. I definitely like it more with the speed flask attachments on the bottles. This cut out having to fumble with the bottles as much.


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